Taylor Harmon




Office: CLB302
Email: taalharm@chem.ufl.edu



University of Florida
Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, 2016-present
Graduate Research Project with Dr. Nick Polfer
IRMPD Spectroscopy, Mass Spectrometry and Instrumentation Development


Indiana University
B.S. in Biochemistry and Biology
Undergraduate Research Interest:LC-MS/MS metabolomics for investigation of diketopiperazine biosynthesis in Nocardiopsis under Dr. Jonathan A. Karty at IU


Research Interests:

Instrumentation design and optimization. Development of IRPD methodology for bioanalytical applications.


I helped to modify, install, and incorporate a custom-built heating block for our Advion Expression CMS. Temperatures on the capillary can now be ramped to >150 °C, which provide us with much higher ion signals than before (with no capillary heating). We then assembled and installed a homemade compressed air apparatus for introduction and filtration of sheath gas. This replaced the conventional N2 cylinder that had been heretofore used. With the new gas apparatus, the CMS can be disassembled and transported with minimal effort, and we are now utilizing it for high school outreach programs in the Gainesville area.


Currently, we are investigating the effect of tag selection on spectral quality in IRPD. Many tags, e.g. nitrogen and hydrogen, can distort the spectrum of a molecule. However, in larger systems (i.e. > 300 Da) band perturbation is less substantial.




'Synergism between genome sequencing, tandem mass spectrometry and bio-inspired synthesis reveals insights into nocardioazine B biogenesis.', N Alqahtani, SK Porwal, ED James, DM Bis, JA Karty, AL Lane, R Viswanathan, Org. Biomol. Chem., 2015