Warren K Mino Jr


Office: CLB 306
Office Phone: 392-0562
E-mail: wmino@chem.ufl.edu



University of Florida
Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, 2008-present
Graduate Research Project with Dr. Nick Polfer
Electrospray Ioization/Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry


University of Connecticut
B.S.  Chemistry May 2005.  GPA 3.1/ major GPA 3.5
Undergraduate Research project with Dr.. Gregory Sotzing.
Organo Electrochromics


Awards and Honors:                         


Richard A. Schaeffer ASMS Travel Award Recipient 2008, Extrel
Grinter Fellowship 2005-2007
Dean’s List January 2002 –May 2002; January 2003 – May 2003.
Vice President of SAACS -ACS       


Research :            


Though ESI is one of the softest ionization techniques available, and is capable to transfer intact macromolecules (> 1MDa) in the gas phase, electrochemical processes at the electrodes are inherent to the technique and can often not be controlled accurately.  Unwanted electrochemical processes include metal oxidation or reduction and sharp pH gradients, which can distort the native solution-phase structures.  My research attempts to increase control of these reactions with 3-electrode cell designs, thus in fact selectively 'manufacturing' complexes of interest, especially metal-containing complexes. The gas-phase structures of the generated complexes can then be probed by both ion mobility mass spectrometry and infrared spectroscopy. Ion mobility yields information on the overall structure of gas-phase complexes by virtue of the collision cross section, whereas infrared spectroscopy probes the hydrogen bonding and chemical structure of these complexes.




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Seshadri, Venkataramanan; Filloramo, James; Mino, Warren K.; Sotzing, Gregory A.   Electrochromic windows using a low band gap conjugated polymer as the ion storage layer.    Polymer Preprints (American Chemical Society, Division of Polymer Chemistry)  (2005),  46(2),  878-879.


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Padilla, Javier; Seshadri, Venkataramanan; Filloramo, James; Mino, Warren K.; Mishra, Sarada P.; Radmard, Bijan; Kumar, Anil; Sotzing, Gregory A.; Otero, Toribio F.   High contrast solid-state electrochromic devices from substituted 3,4-propylenedioxythiophenes using the dual conjugated polymer approach.    Synthetic Metals  (2007),  157(6-7),  261-268.