Yanglan Tan

Office: CLB 302
Office Phone: 392-0536
E-mail: ytan@chem.ufl.edu



University of Florida
Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, 2009-present
Graduate Research Project with Dr. Nick Polfer
Mass Spectrometry


Nanjing University
B.S. Chemistry, June 2009
Undergraduate Research project with Dr. Jun-Jie Zhu



The structural study of carbohydrates and their derivatives remains challenging due to the large number of possible isomers. In order to gain more structural information, their dissociation patterns in MS are of great interest. The central goal of our research is to systematically study the infrared multiple-photon dissociation ¨C mass spectrometry (IRMPD-MS) of monosaccharides, disaccharides, trisaccharides and hexosamine derivatives.